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jsonfilter is a Rust crate designed to facilitate filtering and comparing JSON values based on specified criteria. It provides functions for comparing JSON values, applying filters to JSON objects, and determining if a filter matches a given JSON object. Think of MongoDBs find() function but as a filter function. For a full syntax guide, see the Filter Documentation


To use jsonfilter, add it to your Cargo.toml and add the following to your Rust code:

use jsonfilter::{order, matches};

Comparing JSON Values

You can compare two JSON values using the order function:

use serde_json::json;
use std::cmp::Ordering;
use jsonfilter::order;

let a = json!(10);
let b = json!(5);
assert_eq!(order(&a, &b), Ordering::Greater);

Matching Filters

To check if a JSON object matches a filter, use the matches function:

use serde_json::json;
use jsonfilter::matches;

let filter = json!({"name": "John", "age": 30});
let obj = json!({"name": "John", "age": 30, "city": "New York"});

assert!(matches(&filter, &obj));