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vk is a command line todo tool for Vikunja.


vk saves it's configuration at $HOME/.config/vk.toml.

To log in to your Vikunja Instance you can either use a API Token which you have to create manually or sign in using:

vk login --username user --password somepass --totp code --host


Show your current todos:

# Just this

# See done tasks as well
vk -d
vk --done

# Show favorites only
vk -f
vk --favorite

# Show tasks from specific project
vk --from myproject

# Show tasks which have a label
vk -l label
vk --label label

Working with tasks:

# Create a task
vk new mytask

# Task Detail View
vk info 42 # Tasks are referenced by their ID

# Remove a task
vk rm 42

# Mark as done
vk done 42
vk done -u 42 # You can undo this

# Mark as favorite
vk fav 42
vk fav -u 42 # Undo

# Assign a user to a task
vk assign me 42
vk assign -u me 42 # Undo

Working with projects:

# List your projects
vk prj ls

# Create a new project
vk prj add MyPrj --description "My project"

# Remove a project
vk prj rm MyPrj

Working with labels:

# Assign a label to a task
vk label mylabel 42
vk label -u mylabel 42 # Undo as well

# List your labels
vk labels ls

# Create a new label
vk labels new mylabel

# Remove a label
vk labels rm mylabel

Working with comments:

# Show comments of task
vk comments 42

# Comment on a task
vk comment 42 "my comment"


# Make Task #42 be a parent task to #7
vk relation 7 parent 42

# Make #42 blocked by #7
vk relation 42 blocked 7